Friday, January 27, 2012

Free Nerd Chic Glasses? Why, yes, I will!

I've never been one of those people who only wore their glasses at home...You know? Where no one else would possibly see them?

I've pretty much always been a glasses loving n.e.r.d. Especially funky, trendy frames in unexpected colors. Unfortunately, glasses are expensive. I'm pretty sure every optometrist must have ten kids to put through college, because glasses usually put a crimp in my purse budget.


Knock, knock...

Who's there? 

Costal Contacts

I stumbled across this gem of a site while watching YouTube videos.

And do you know what? They have a promo code for a free (FREE) pair of prescription glasses! (Firstpairfree)

Check out these puppies:




 Yeah, that's a multiplication and division sign on the corners. Be jealous. These are so mine.


And I only paid shipping. *Sigh*



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